Hiking and back by bike

After the hike from Lai da Rims or duchs Val Mora into Val Vau, you can return to the valley on a mountain bike! At the alpine hut Alp Sot in Val Vau, bikes are available for hikers to return to the valley.


Per bike 15.00, family price 35.00 (for a family of 4), each additional bike 6.00.

Pick up the keys

The evening before until 18:30 at the Bike Shop "The Bike Patcher" Müstair, Tel. +41 (0)81 858 59 63, groups please register early.


With the numbered key you pick up your bike in the stable at the alpine hut Alp Sot in Val Vau and bring it back to the bike store after the return trip with the key.

Please note

Helmets must be brought or rented; close the stable door and fence Alp Sot; do not leave any garbage behind. 

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