Nature in its purest form

The Swiss National Park

Established in 1914, the national park has three clear mandates: to protect, research and inform. The park is strictly protected from human influence, so that the environment can develop in its natural state. This approach has fostered an incredibly diverse range of flora and fauna, particularly among very small organisms. You can experience this rich biodiversity on your own or as part of a guided hiking group, as you explore the 80 kilometres of trails throughout the 170 km² national park.

Experience the Swiss National Park

  • 21 hikes for nature lovers

    Directly from the Ofenpass the first tours start into another, original world. Hiking boots laced, backpack shouldered and off we go.

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  • National Park Center

    Discover and experience: In the four exhibition rooms of the visitor center you will approach the theme of the national park, its fauna and flora and its history.

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Regulations for protecting the park’s pristine, untouched natural environment. Thank you.

  • Hikers must stay on the marked trails at all times

  • Do not leave behind any kind of rubbish

  • Do not take any items found in the park, such as animals, plants, wood and rocks

  • Dogs are not permitted in the park, even if they are on a leash

  • No winter sports (skiing or snowshoe treks), cycling or flying devices

  • No swimming in the lakes and streams

  • No fires (risk of forest fires!)

  • No sleeping overnight in the park, not even in vehicles parked along Ofenpassstrasse

  • Do not make any changes to the natural environment

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