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Proper biking with Nicci Tschenett

Root path and block passage - no problem. Narrow hairpin bends and long ascents - in any case. Nicci Tschenett feels comfortable in any terrain. Her motto: "Better too fast than too slow." But as a bike guide she also knows where caution is required. And above all: where in Val Müstair the most beautiful trails are hidden. Today she is on her way in the Val Mora and Passo del Gallo area.

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"I soon realized that an office job wasn't for me.

Nicole Tschenett grew up in the Val Müstair and has always enjoyed nature and sports. When she was young she went skiing. In doing so she discovered her passion for speed. Even back then she liked to go mountain biking, especially to train her physical condition. "But my colleagues always told me that I was going downhill much too fast," she laughs. After skiing for racing, she looked for a new challenge and started biking on trails. In the meantime, the movement talent has trained to become a Swiss Cycling Bikeguide.

Nicci about...

Fascination Mountain Bike "For me, biking is like flying just above the ground. I like the variety and playing with the terrain. And biking makes me happy."

Bike uphill"I love to ride uphill. And I also think it "s cool to carry my bike up a mountain. Then the descent is even more fun."

Braking "Proper braking is more difficult than you think. First of all, it is important to always be ready to brake. And secondly, that you apply both brakes at the same time. Many people are afraid to use the front brake properly." 

Skiing "I still like to ski, preferably in deep snow on a ski tour. And in winter, skiing is my profession. For more than ten years I have worked at the Swiss Snow Sport School Scuol. I am the head of training and enjoy teaching children."

Office job "I did a KV apprenticeship and know what it's like to sit in an office all day. And I soon realized that an office job is not for me."

Like-a-Bike "On Wednesday afternoons I regularly go cycling with the local kids. Even with the little ones who just have a bike without pedals, a like-a-bike. It's a lot of fun for the kids and me."

Hiking "There are many hiking trails in the Val Müstair, but not all of them are suitable for biking. This is one of the reasons why we founded the Trailschool Ride La Val. We want people to ride on the right trails. And that hikers and bikers respect each other."

Ein Portrait von Nicci Tschenett

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