Biosfera Val Müstair


Biosfera Val Müstair is a regional nature park of national significance. It encompasses Val Müstair, the Swiss National Park and parts of the district of Scuol, and is the first high Alpine UNESO biosphere reserve in Switzerland. 

The reserve provides an opportunity to sustainably develop Val Müstair’s natural environment and social structures. Roughly 80% of the farms in Val Müstair are organic, the region has a unique landscape and culture and produces high-quality handicrafts, it has healthy forest resources, good habitats for wild animals and increasing numbers of people come here to spend their holidays in the great outdoors. These excellent conditions should help to ensure that for future generations:

  • there are enough jobs
  • residents enjoy good environmental conditions
  • pristine nature and agricultural diversity are maintained

The park management authority works on behalf of the district of Val Müstair and is responsible for the numerous sub-projects that constitute the biosphere reserve, which also include exciting tourism package tours. And visitors certainly won’t go hungry, thanks to the local specialities served up by the Biosfera’s gastronomy partners. 


View from Lü to the Piz Daint
Biosfera Val Müstair
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