Scavenger hunt

Chatscha Jaura

Keen to see the valley from a whole new perspective? The scavenger hunt is a fun way to learn about Val Müstair’s progressive approach to energy and sustainability. Follow secret messages, decipher tricky clues and complete special tasks to stay on track. Suitable for families, friends, companies, associations, schools...


Duration The entire scavenger hunt takes around 2.5 - 3 hours, depending on how fast you are. 
Start & destination The scavenger hunt starts in Müstair at the Convent of St. John and ends in Sta. Maria. From Sta. Maria, you can take the PostBus back to the start if you wish. Or you can walk back (the direct route takes around 1 hour). 
Groups  The Chatscha Jaura scavenger hunt works best with small groups with a maximum of six participants. If there are several groups, they should start at staggered intervals of around 15 minutes. 
Languages German and Romansh, QR codes are available for French and Italian (recommended QR code reader: NeoReader). 
The best part Prior registration is not necessary and the scavenger hunt is entirely free.
View from Lü to the Piz Daint
Biosfera Val Müstair
Find out more about the Biosfera and their goals.

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